PSA TEC 2020 Guest Blog: Where’s The “Beef”?

TEC 2020 is the premier education and networking event for all professional systems integrators in the security and audio-visual markets. This year’s event pivots around a changing market and ways to stay relevant within the industry. 

By Larry Reed | CEO | ZKTeco USA

Larry Reed | CEO | ZKTeco USA


In other words:

. . . Where are the sales opportunities today in the security industry?

. . . How can I differentiate myself from the other sales guy/gal?

. . . What products do my customers need which still generate a decent profit?

These questions are foremost on the minds of all security sales professionals.

So, where IS the beef?

If you’re a millennial, perhaps you might not remember this catch-phrase made popular in the 1980’s.  But anyone born before 1970 certainly remembers this 1984 television commercial which starred three elderly ladies examining an exaggeratedly large hamburger bun topped with a minuscule hamburger patty. Two old gray-haired ladies poked at it, exchanging bemused comments (“It certainly is a big bun. It’s a very big bun. It’s a big fluffy bun. It’s a very big fluffy bun.”)  before being interrupted by the third old lady who exclaimed loudly for all the restaurant staff to hear . . . “Where’s the beef??

So, “where’s the beef” in the security industry??

It’s certainly not in surveillance cameras or DVR hardware anymore.  Camera sale profits have nose-dived dramatically due to fierce competition and price wars waged amongst competing vendors, especially from overseas manufacturers and suppliers.

So here are some applications in which biometrics improves security and saves money:



When a teacher sees a suspicious bad guy outside during recess, with a 1-second glance at our MB700 face

camera, the door will immediately unlock and lock OUT the bad guy.


When healthcare workers have their hands occupied, with a 1-second glance at the MB700 face camera the door will immediately unlock HANDS-FREE.


When an officer has a suspect in tow and needs door access, with a 1-second glance at the MB700 face camera the door will immediately unlock HANDS-FREE.


Make employees accountable for switching on & off utilities including HVAC and light.


Prevent injury, fines and lawsuits by safeguarding dangerous equipment (i.e. cardboard balers) with biometric kill switches.  OSHA fines can be huge!


Over 10% of any company’s operating budget is often payroll.  Biometrics can stop hourly-wage employees from fraudulently punching in for each other when they’re not actually present at work (aka “Buddy Punching”)

Improve security for your customers while also enhancing productivity and convenience of employees.  Everyone knows that employee keys, badges and access codes can be shared, forgotten, lost, stole, etc.   By placing biometric readers on the doors, you’ll improve security and improve productivity and convenience for employees since they can no longer be accidentally locked out.

Place a biometric reader on any device which can either protect people/assets or create a revenue stream.

These are just some of the ways that BIOMETRICS can help preserve your profit margins and differentiate your company from your competition. Keep in mind that biometrics accuracy has improved markedly in recent years, and biometrics technology continues to become more affordable and accessible.  So where’s the “beef”?  Consider how you can incorporate any of the above applications in your business offering.

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About Larry

Larry Reed is a 15-year veteran in the biometrics industry.  He’s currently CEO of ZKTeco USA where he presides over several business units including Door Access Control, Entrance Control, Time & Attendance and Biometrics/AI.  Mr. Reed has specific application expertise in the fields of Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance and has helped well over 100 Enterprise & SMB companies integrate a variety of biometric devices with their respective application software.  He is an active member in the Security Industry Association, PSA Security Network, Electronic Security Association and the Thailand Smart Security Association.  Mr. Reed is also a New Jersey certified CEU course instructor and often teaches business & technical classes related to biometrics and artificial intelligence at numerous security conferences.   Mr. Reed has been interviewed by the NY Daily News, NBC San Diego, Loss Prevention News Network and Vietnamese & Indian news programs.