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NEW for TEC 2020! AV Powered by USAV

Continuing education is an important way for businesses and professionals to keep up with emerging technologies and market trends. PSA TEC 2020 will offer 11 USAV powered courses during this year’s premier education and networking event for all professional systems integrators in the security and audio-visual markets. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and network among relevant and thriving markets. Click here to check out even more opportunities for personal professional development with dedicated education tracks by job function.

A Beginners Guide to Video Walls

Tuesday, April 21

This course will provide an overview of the various aspects to be considered with a new video wall project. This will include the hardware components used in a video wall, and how each component can affect video wall design and cost. It will also illustrate the different processing/scaling options used with video walls, and how they can affect the functionality and content. Finally we will discuss the various applications for video walls, including digital signage, conference rooms, and houses of worship.

Core Principles of Audio

Monday, April 20 – Tuesday, April 21 ($600)

There is a technical side to audio that anyone who works in this industry needs to know. Core Principles of Audio lays down the foundational stones using an A to Z approach. Attendees will learn the foundational stones of mixers, microphones, signal processing, loudspeakers, interfacing audio components, and setting the gain structure. Pat Brown will lay the proper groundwork by demonstrating what each process does and showing you the importance of doing things in the right order. Pat uses a multi-media approach to teaching. Pat enjoys using analogies and demonstrations to drive home the principles. Many topics that seem complicated only need the right graphic or analogy to “make the lights come on.” For more detail information, visit this link:

CTS Prep & Exam

Monday, April 20 – Wednesday, April 22 ($ Handled by Avixa)

CTS® Prep can help ease your nerves and boost your confidence before you take the CTS® exam. Through this course, you will practice your test-taking skills and focus on specific areas of AV design you need to focus your study time. Attendees will explore the CTS® format and identify exam study needs with drills and exercises including concepts, math formulas, vocabulary and diagrams. Additionally, attendees will review the exam content areas including creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions, as well as conducting management activities.


Thursday, April 23 ($ Handled by Avixa)

Submit your CTS Exam Application and fee. You can apply online:

Enhancing Efficiency and Increasing Profits – Applying the Principles of Lean Six Sigma

Tuesday, April 21

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which chiefly targets eliminating waste and variation. Lean Six Sigma recognizes seven forms of waste as well as common and special causes of variation. In companies where many of their projects share repeatable processes, the Lean Six Sigma principles can be used by the people closest to the work to increase efficiencies, save time and rework, reduce call-backs, “break-fix” warranty, and service calls. This elimination of waste provides companies with increased capacity to fulfill more projects with the same people – increasing both gross and net profits.

Low Voltage Lighting: The Next Big Thing in Commercial AV

Monday, April 20

There is a revolution taking place in lighting and savvy AV integrators are poised to capitalize upon new technology. Lighting has entered the digital age and the days of line voltage and traditional ROM EX wire requirements are gone. The emergence of LED technology and its minimal power requirements allow power and control over a single network cable (CAT cable) driving a smarter and more energy efficient lighting solutions. In this session attendees will discover how to differentiate their companies and add more revenue to existing projects. Office and Commercial spaces in the future will offer tunable light, providing benefits to our Circadian Rhythm. As medical research continues to prove that sleep patterns, mood, and general health are linked to the lighting we are exposed to, the ability to mimic the sun’s natural light will continue to play a key role in enhancing our overall health. Don’t miss this session to learn more about how integrators have an opportunity to take advantage of these new technologies!

PSA Leadership Committee: Pesky Organization Silos – How to Break Down the Barriers

Tuesday, April 21

The boundaries or silos that exist in organizations today – between managers and employees, customers and suppliers, and across functions and geographies – are difficult to breach. This PSA Leadership Committee session will highlight some common challenges that occur when a company tries to break down silos, and some best practices for overcoming each of these challenges so attendees can build and empower teams within their organizations. These shared strategies will help attendees harness the right mix of knowledge and skills to break down the silo barriers.

PSA Operations Committee: Is Your Operations Team Structured to Support Your Customers?

Tuesday, April 21

What does a successful integration customer support team look and feel like? How can integrators manage delivering the best customer service while experiencing rapid growth and the changes that come with it? What are the skills managers and employees need to better understand and support the end user? In this PSA Operations Committee session, panelists will provide tools and a framework to structure support teams based on what industry peers have learned from their experiences.

Selling AVaaS (AV as a Service)

Thursday, April 23

Integrators need to start creating new revenue streams and get away from the dying revenue of box sales. It can be overwhelming for integration companies to wrap their heads around the concept of AV as a service. What part of the sales process is the best time to introduce AVaaS? What are the best questions to ask to qualify whether the customer or prospect is a good fit for AVaaS? What are typical compensation scenarios and metrics meant to incent sales staff? What are the key steps to launching your AVaaS program? This course will help attendees answer all of these questions and address how to navigate selling managed services, as well as how to most effectively compensate sales people.

Sound Masking Workshop

Monday, April 20

In this session attendees will learn the fundamentals of masking sound. These fundamentals include the advantages of sound masking, the types of sound masking systems, the equipment used to mask sound, where to place sound masking speakers and generators for optimal performance, and how to tune a sound masking system.

The Future of AV Design

Tuesday, April 21

The future of the AV room is all about being people-first. Although the current tech-renaissance of the AV classroom, boardroom and meeting room is over 25 years old, things have, for the most part, been designed and installed the same way. Sure, the technology and the products have changed significantly during those two decades but, overall, we’ve routed, connected and distributed signals from source to display and speakers the same way. But, that’s all about to change. And, it isn’t just because we’re moving everything to AV-over-IP – AV the network. Nor is it because we make smaller and more all-in-one gear, either. It’s all about people. For the first time ever, we have a generation – aging through the corporation into leadership roles – that doesn’t present, collaborate or communicate the way we do. Generation Y (the Millennials), and the current class of college students making up Generation Z, are all about to move to “influencer” or even into management roles within companies – and they aren’t into meeting, after meeting, after meeting – and, they certainly don’t need that “personal connection” like you and I do. Don’t believe me? Think about how often your kids text you instead of actually calling or talking to you – now you get my point? To Generation Y and Z a TEXT is a conversation. So, instead of starting with the design of a room by launching into a discussion about which technology and products we need to spec – we need to think about being people-first. This session is approved for 1.5 AVIXA CTS RU’s.

The Necessity and Power of an Aligned Culture – Actively Building it Every Day

Tuesday, April 21

A company’s culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs which governs how people behave inside and outside of that organization. Every organization develops and maintains a unique culture (healthy or otherwise), which sets guidelines and boundaries for the behavior of employees and stakeholders – they have a strong influence on people in the organization: they dictate how they dress, behave, perform their jobs, and interact with others. Healthy cultures are not accidental – they are intentional, modeled, and measured. Unhealthy cultures are often the result of misalignment between words and actions – especially by those held in high regard, reputation or position – hypocrisy will steal the soul (morale) of an organization. Company culture is not just a management function – it is a tangible entity which can be seen and measured by all employees, and therefore created, managed and changed.

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