PSA TEC 2020 Highlight Blog: Certifications

Managed services, leadership development, certifications and more! You won’t want to miss TEC 2020.

Continuing education is an important way for businesses and professionals to keep up with emerging technologies and market trends.  Industry certifications can get you quickly up to speed on new technologies and processes, accelerate your security career and bring value back to your company by qualifying you to work with the industry’s leading products.

PSA TEC 2020 will offer 15 certifications during this year’s premier education and networking event for all professional systems integrators in the security and audio-visual markets. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn one of the certifications listed below to stay relevant and thrive in the changing market and click here to check out even more opportunities for personal professional development with dedicated education tracks by job function.

Certification prices are in addition to TEC registration where noted.

AMAG Symmetry Certification Training

Monday, April 20 – Thursday, April 23 ($850)

This certification program provides in-depth training on the Symmetry Security Management System for a single site. This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills required to install, program and maintain the Symmetry Access Control Security Management System.

Note: You must be a certified VAR for this company in order to register for this session.

Bosch G Series Certification

Wednesday, April 22 – Thursday, April 23

This Bosch Intrusion course provides an in-depth look at Bosch’s new G Series Panels, highlighting the functions and abilities of the products. Students will receive hands-on experience with the B9512G Control Panel as well as extensive exposure to the Remote Programming Software (RPS), used to program and configure panel functionality. All students must take and pass all online prerequisites for the G Series/B Series Expert Certification (US) and G Series Master Certification (US), the Online Introduction to G Series Panels (B9512G/B8512G) (Online) prior to attending this classroom course.

Brivo Access Control Certification

Thursday, April 23

Become Brivo certified by attending this full-day training workshop. Through hands-on activities and exercises, this course will cover all fundamentals necessary for installing Brivo Onair solutions and becoming certified. Content includes hardware component assembly, wiring requirements, networking concepts, the administrative interface, account setup and configuration programming. In addition, the workshop will practice troubleshooting key situations and provide role play opportunities for typical scenarios technicians encounter in the field. This is a great chance for attendees to experience hands-on learning scenarios and complete the certification exam for Brivo Onair with Brivo training experts.

C•CURE 9000 System Installer/Maintainer – AC9001

Monday, April 20 – Thursday, April 23 ($2,500)

The C•CURE® 9000 is a scalable access control and alarm monitoring, multi-site system that is built on the Microsoft® .NET platform. This is an intensive program designed to cover topics relating to system installation, configuration, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the C•CURE 9000 System. All aspects of system administration, monitoring, and C•CURE ID badging are covered. There is also comprehensive hardware coverage including the iSTAR® controllers, iSecure™Controllers (ISC), and associated readers, inputs and outputs. All methods of connecting hardware including network interfaces are covered. This course is heavily focused on hands-on hardware and software labs requiring the student to actually install, configure and troubleshoot the various components. This session is for integrator personnel who are responsible for the installation, configuration, or maintenance of a C•CURE 9000 system site. This is not an end user or sales course. Successful completion results in Certification as a C•CURE 9000 Installer/Maintainer (Level 2). Prerequisites: Experience with Access Control and the Windows Operating System.

Note: You must be a certified VAR for this company in order to register for this session.

CTS® Exam

Thursday, April 23 ($ Handled by Avixa)

Submit your CTS Exam Application and fee. You can apply online:

CTS® Prep Course

Monday, April 20 – Wednesday, April 22 ($899)

CTS® Prep can help ease your nerves and boost your confidence before you take the CTS® exam. Through this course, you will practice your test-taking skills and focus on specific areas of AV design you need to focus your study time. Attendees will explore the CTS® format and identify exam study needs with drills and exercises including concepts, math formulas, vocabulary and diagrams. Additionally, attendees will review the exam content areas including creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions, as well as conducting management activities.

exacqVision Technical Reseller Training

Thursday, April 23

The exacqVision technical reseller training is a day-long technical course that covers all aspects of installing, configuring and using exacqVision video management system (VMS) software. The hands-on training class allows every participant to perform each step of the installation process on their own, beginning with the installation of the exacqVision client on his or her laptop. Upon completion, attendees have the knowledge to easily complete an entire system installation and use the exacq VMS software on a daily basis. The exacqVision fundamental technical reseller training class is one of the requirements to attain Exacq certified reseller status.

Feenics Standard Training with Troubleshooting

Thursday, April 23  ($1,275)

Feenics will be providing a hands-on, assignment-based training session. We will include a Mercury panel for participants. Training will cover all facets of setting up a complete Feenics system in the cloud. Each participant will have their own shared enterprise instance and we will cover how to set up things like access levels that span shared instances. We will also cover, in depth, the majority of the tech support calls that we receive in order to save our technicians time.

Note: You must be a certified VAR for this company in order to register for this session.

Hanwha Wisenet Professional Certification :: PSA INTEGRATORS ONLY

Monday, April 20 – Wednesday, April 22 ($750)

Hanwha Techwin America is pleased to offer Wisenet Professional Certification to PSA Partners. Hanwha’s certification program is a blended learning experience consisting of an in-classroom session and final exam. The core curriculum is taught over a two-and-a-half day session that facilitates interaction and hands-on instruction. The program was developed for security industry design professionals, technical salespeople, and technicians/installers. The curriculum will teach you the latest in network video surveillance technologies, increase your proficiency in Hanwha products (IP cameras/encoders, NVRs, WAVE VMS, etc.) and allow you to adopt best practices for installation and implementation of video surveillance solutions. 18 BICSI CEC credits awarded upon completion.

Lenel OnGuard Hardware & Software Fundamentals

Monday, April 20 – Thursday, April 23 ($1,800)

This course is designed to familiarize students with access control hardware, basic system wiring, software installation, and basic system programming. The purpose of this course is to guide students through the step-by-step process required to ensure basic functionality of a Lenel access control system. The fundamentals course is the first course in the technical certification curriculum that supports the basic knowledge required for all professional, expert, and design architect certification tracks.

Note: You must be a certified VAR for this company in order to register for this session.

LifeSafety Power Certification – Basics and New

Thursday, April 23

New for 2020 is an entire upgrade of LSP’s FlexPower (FPO) NetPower (NPR) product lines along with the introduction of NLX, the latest network-managed module in the NetLink family. Become familiar with new features and functions of the Gen 2 power supplies, distribution boards and NLX module that represent significant advances to the power industry. See the advantages of the OneDrop collaboration between LSP and Mercury Security.

Understand the enhancements to the NPR midspan product line, redesigned for the PoE high power market, to include 8, 16, and single port devices with dual output power and fire alarm lock control.

For the technician, project manager and system specialist, learn how to specify, configure, work with and troubleshoot the FlexPower/NetPower systems. Explore LSP advancement in new inter-module communications mechanisms and advantages or disadvantages of battery types (SLA Vs LFP).

Managed Power Operational Efficiencies – See case studies that illustrate the cost efficiencies of eliminating service trips by utilizing the benefits of managed power.

Techniques to enhance RMR through Managed Power – Review the new LSP Multi-Site Manager designed to monitor multiple sites from campus wide to worldwide. What features of the new managed power systems can be leveraged to increase the bottom line by reliably monitoring low voltage systems and bringing intelligent analytics to enterprise systems to allow reduction of service calls, increased uptime, and maximized system reliability?

OSDP Bootcamp

Tuesday, April 21  ($595)

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an access control communications standard developed by SIA to improve interoperability among access control and security products. With the protocol now in wide use by many top product developers, including Cypress Integration Solutions, HID Global, LenelS2, Mercury, WaveLynx and others, knowledge of how to design, specify and configure OSDP systems is becoming vital for security systems integrators, government security teams, corporate security practitioners and specifying consultants.

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools Partner Certification

Tuesday, April 21  ($199)

The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASSK12) Partner Certification allows integrators and manufacturers to become certified partners of PASS. The certification allows for integrators and manufacturers to use the PASS material and logos, become an approved vendor for school districts and be able to explain and implement the PASS K12 guidelines to school districts.

Pelco Video Xpert- Enterprise Certification

Monday, April 20 – Tuesday, April 21

This two-day, lab-intensive training course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to design, install, setup and operate the VideoXpert Video Management System. Modules include the different tiers of VideoXpert, applications, components, features and functions. Hands-on projects include commissioning, administration, operations, and integration with third-party systems. This course is suitable for all technical audiences who will be installing, configuring and commissioning VideoXpert systems.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, PC operations, and IP camera systems. Electronic learning modules are available for VideoXpert systems and components, camera systems, and networking technologies and can be accessed through the Pelco Learning Center.

Pelco Video Xpert- Professional Certification

Wednesday, April 22

This full day training course provides participants with knowledge and skills to design, install, set up, and operate the VxPro Video Management System. The course includes hardware and software review and complete licensing requirements. Participants will install, configure, and operate a VxPro system.

PSA Owner/Member registration opens December 4, 2019, 9:00 AM MST. General registration opens December 11, 2019, 9:00 AM MST.

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