Baadrea Bagley

Leadership Coach


Hal and Baadrea¬†Bagley are passionate to share their combined, extensive leadership training and experiences to energize other leaders into realizing their greater potential. As a recent senior executive in both startups and a Fortune 100 company, and called a “leader of leaders” by former employers, Hal brings leadership theory into reality with everyday leadership challenges. When combined with Baadrea’s psychology training, intuitive insights on one’s awareness, key behaviors, and strengths, a transformation of the leader and organization result. Hal and Baadrea come alongside executives to meet them at their point of need with a unique combination of coaching, management of the core inner self and business consulting. They believe it is the intersection of these powerful components that produce lasting change for leaders. Leaders become more introspective, intentional, confident in the face of withering challenges, impactful, visionary and fulfilled and these leaders inspire their organizations to ultimately do the same.