Brooke Chesnut


Brooke Chesnut, Inc.

Brooke Chesnut has dedicated 30 years of corporate experience combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world. Drawing from those experiences, Chesnut helps entrepreneurs, business executives and HR professionals improve their leadership skills, overcome adversity and grow their businesses in a competitive environment.
Chesnut shares a unique perspective as a worldwide mountaineer whose leadership model was dynamically influenced with time spent climbing Mount Everest in 2018 with a multigenerational team.
Chesnut also serves as an adjunct professor at the Daniels School of Business for the University of Denver leading seminars about “Leadership in the Cross-Generational Workplace” to their corporate clients.
He connects with audiences through a highly conversational, story-driven and visual experience. Chesnut will take audiences to the mountainside so they can “see what I saw, sense what I felt and learn what I realized.”