Eva Doyle


The Reluctant Leader

Funny, insightful, practical – this is how people describe Eva Doyle’s speaking and writing about leadership. Too many times, leadership books and speakers focus on vision and strategy with inspirational examples, but don’t tell you what to do when someone comes in your office and cries. Or how to be a good listener without becoming a therapist. Or how to handle the shouting match, complete with expletives, that your employee just got into in a crowded hallway. Doyle is not primarily an academic or a researcher, but a practitioner, someone who’s been there for almost 30 years. She has an MBA from the University of Maryland and has written a book, The Reluctant Leader: From Technical Expert to Human Expert. While she focuses on technological environments, any organization that promotes its experts into leadership roles will benefit from her expertise. Funny, insightful, practical – that’s what you get with Doyle.