PSA Managed Services Committee

The Managed Services Committee addresses the challenges PSA owners, members, customers, and employees face in planning, developing, implementing, and managing a Managed Service model. By encouraging communication among PSA and USAV owners and members, the Committee aims to help them become more competitive and profitable by providing guidance and resources. The Committee’s overall goals and strategic objectives outlined below will be finely developed as a team at the initial
committee meeting following annual appointments.

Charlie Regan, Jr. (Chair) | Gorrie-Regan | President
Gunvir Baveja | eVigilant, Inc. | President & CEO
Louis Boulgarides, CPP | Ollivier Corporation | President and CEO
David George | Engineered Security Systems (ESS) | President & CEO
John Maffey, CPP | M3T Corporation | President & CEO
Tim McHugh | Integrated Protection Services | Business Development Director
Guy Morgante | Northland Controls | Managed Services President
Guy Morgante | Northland Controls | Managed Services President