Salvatore D’Agostino



Salvatore (Sal) D’Agostino is CEO and founder of IDmachines and leads its consulting practice and the deployment of the Eidola technical automation platform. D’Agostino has 30+ years in the design, integration, operation and maintenance of identity, access control, security, privacy, automation, machine learning and intelligent infrastructure projects around the world. Past projects and infrastructure delivered includes US Capitol and Pentagon security systems, protecting the nation’s nuclear stockpile, EZ Pass and other intelligent transport systems, 100+ industrial automation systems and numerous government and enterprise security, access control systems and ID programs. D’Agostino is an internationally recognized subject matter expert and thought leader on critical matters of cyber-physical security confronting the world today covering business, legal and technical topics. He has appeared on NBC Nightly News and speaks internationally at conferences and events including RSA, Identiverse, the International Security Conferences (ISC West and East), PSA TEC and many others. D’Agostino is active in the Security Industry Association (SIA) standards development for physical security, and the ASIS International IT Security and Physical Security Councils. D’Agostino is a charter member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Machine Vision Association and former member of the Board of Directors of the Automated Imaging Association and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. D’Agostino is secretary of the Kantara Leadership Council, and board member and past president of the IDESG, the public-private¬†partnership created to implement the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace as well as on multiple corporate boards of directors. D’Agostino has a patent in sentient displays, an AB from Harvard College and collaborated with Ha Ha at the Hyde Park Art Museum and MassMOCA. D’Agostino is also a co-founder of Open Consent and proud member of the Mystic River Rugby Club (social member – retired) the current US Division 1 National Champions.