First Mile to Last: Consistent, Repeatable Digital Processes to Grow the Business

  • Room: Virtual
Thursday,May 26, 2022:10:00 AM -11:00 AM


Maureen Carlson
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, System Surveyor
Terry Rivet
President and CEO, Securitronics


System integrators install cutting-edge security solutions but often neglect to consider how they are approaching sales and service. Digitizing more processes yields business benefits, including better meeting customer expectations and winning more proposals. Specifically, the “first mile” of the customer journey is more critical today. Misunderstandings and mistakes during the first mile have a serious domino effect, including redesigns, installation errors and customer dissatisfaction. Incorporating digital methods improves accuracy and enhances perceptions of professionalism and expertise. Virtual technologies facilitate better communication and collaboration with prospects, customers, subcontractors and others. This session will show how upgrading the first mile and beyond can engage customers and partners earlier and increase sales. This includes developing a more integrated, repeatable process to improve quality and consistency of service across all project touchpoints.


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This session pairs Maureen Carlson, an experienced security sales and marketing executive, with Terry Rivet, President and CEO of Securitronics, a system integrator with a national reach. Maureen will outline trends in the customer experience and why digital transformation is so important for system integrators. This includes the ability to collaborate with remote partners, which can expand business for regional integrators who are gaining more opportunity to seek national contracts. She’ll share real-world case studies and return-on-investment (ROI) examples from system integrators that have deployed digital technologies. Terry will share his experience adopting digital technologies throughout his company for an improved sales process and more effective collaboration across project teams. In addition, he’ll share how the company now has a more streamlined, integrated process – from planning to sales to installation – to deliver top-quality security solutions quickly and accurately.

Learning Objectives

1. Build a business case for deploying digital technologies to engage customers early in the sales process, grow revenue, provide better service, and expand business beyond regional boundaries
2. Analyze digital ways of communicating and collaborating with customers, subcontractors, architects, IT, and others to get everyone on the same digital page
3. Assess areas across the business where digital could improve quality, standardization, and consistency of service for a more seamless customer, employee, and partner experience