Adding Value to your SaaS Offering

  • Room: Virtual
Wednesday,May 25, 2022:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Bill Hobbs
VP Global Sales
Chris Peterson
Vector Firm


Offering software as a service has introduced complexity in today’s sales environment. Adding SaaS to your sales portfolio must come with a new way of communicating to your prospects. This session dives deep into altering the way we sell products; focusing on adapting to change rather than concentrating just on the technology. Learn how to identify ideal targets, understand their needs and adjust your strategy to communicate properly and solve those needs. This session is intended for those that interface with current customers and new prospects with the goal of selling SaaS products to the end user.


Super Track(s)


We’ll discuss the common ways salespeople have been communicating the value of SaaS to end users over the last several years, and look at the value from the customer’s perspective. We’ll then present the true value of SaaS.

Learning Objectives

1. Discover why customers haven’t bought into SaaS sooner
2. Identify the full comprehensive value that SaaS can bring an organization
3. Implement some of the ideas with current opportunities