AI-Driven Behavioral Recognition for Real-Time Video Intelligence

  • Room: Virtual
Wednesday,May 25, 2022:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Pat Aiello
VP of Business Development and Sales, Americas


Video surveillance is an established and proven tool implemented across all industries and organizations for its ability to help create and maintain safe and secure environments. In recent years, intelligent video analytics technology has increased the functionality of surveillance beyond passive monitoring with the ability to recognize specific types of activity to help mitigate threats. For example, conventional object detection analytics can identify if an object has been left where it does not belong, or if there is movement in a facility where there should not be any activity. However, conventional analytics do not have the ability to understand what is happening in any given situation. For example, two people who are physically close together, moving from foot to foot and intermittently coming into contact with one another could be dancing, embracing or involved in mortal combat. Conventional analytics only detects their presence without any interpretation of intent. There are many cases like this for which the human brain applies context to understand what is being observed. Early video analytics did not have the capability to perform this function. However, through Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning, the most advanced video analytics can detect and understand many behaviors that represent security threats. This new discipline, behavioral analytics for video surveillance, is helping organizations around the world prevent violence.


Super Track(s)


I will be able to present the information while showing our software and real time solutions. I will be able to solve many security issues for smart cities, critical infrastructure and transportation hubs. There will be interactive video examples and plenty of attendee engagement.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify people fighting Advanced behavioral analytics can discern between these actions and actual fighting, defined as at least two people who are hitting each other
2. Detect weapons advanced AI can be trained to recognize a person holding a weapon in a threatening position
3. Predict crowd violence, a highly advanced behavioral understanding system can learn to recognize suspicious behavior that can turn into violent action in a crowd