PSA Cybersecurity Committee: How to Respond to a Cyber Attack!

  • Room: Virtual
Tuesday,May 24, 2022:10:00 AM -11:00 AM


Devin Baize
IT Systems Programmer
Preferred Technologies, LLC
Gary Hoffner
Vice President
PSLA Security
James Gallagher
Manager of Integrator Services
The PSA Network
Tyrone Chambliss
Program Manager
Northland Controls


What happens when you install a camera network and now it is infected with ransomware, what do you do? Having solid strategies for properly responding to a cybersecuity attack plays an important role in reducing the damage these attacks wreak on businesses, as well as the fallout affecting your reputation after the event.  How an organization responds in a crisis helps determine the future of an organization.  In this PSA Cybersecurity Committee session, a panel of industry peers will share scenarios where things have gone wrong and the proper way to respond to these situations.  


Super Track(s)

Learning Objectives

1. Develop a response plan for your organization in the event of a cyber attack
2. Investigate case studies and determine best practices for response in each scenario