Deploying the Latest IP Devices Utilizing Structured Cable, Fiber or Composite Cable

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Wednesday,May 25, 2022:10:00 AM -11:00 AM


JR Andrews
National Sales Executive


Securing large areas means expanding the perimeter and requires a well thought out design to support data connectivity at extreme distances with high reliability, and often with the capability to simultaneously deliver power to areas where local power is scarce, unreliable or non-existent. System designers will understand how to leverage new cabling infrastructure combined with the latest technologies to deliver data, along with power when necessary to support individual or multiple network devices at long distances, with or without local power. Whether it’s a sports stadium, a public park or a campus of buildings, connectivity for basic WiFi as well as critical security and surveillance is a necessity. The larger the area of coverage, the more complex the system design. Manufacturers such as Altronix, offer designers the ability to provide equipment to support long distance data as well as DC power when necessary to greatly increase the potential for connectivity and power to be delivered to remote devices whether indoors or out.


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The presentation will review the latest cabling infrastructures for deploying powered devices as well as application specific power and media converters to support system design for single and multiple device requirements with local power and without. Attendees will be presented with applications that will span intimate campus environments to expansive transportation hubs such as airports and other critical infrastructure. The integration of products such as WAP's, emergency phones, surveillance cameras, perimeter detection and access control will be discussed in detail. Attendees will take a way knowledge and ideas to support the deployment of mission critical solutions for installations which require the coverage of large, open spaces.

Learning Objectives

1. Evaluate alternative cabling solutions for long distance data and combined with DC power
2. Select the proper equipment to complete an installation requiring long distance data as well as data combined with power
3. Use technical tools and calculators to support system design based on cable distances and power requirements