Field Management of Security and Systems Projects

  • Room: Virtual
Thursday,May 26, 2022:10:00 AM -2:00 PM


Nadim Sawaya
Enterprise Performance Consulting (EPC)


The field management of systems and security projects course is designed for the lead installers, Technicians and field personnel who are involved in managing and installing systems and security projects. This course also offers a foundation to prepare individuals for a career in project management. Course includes a field project management binder with checklists and forms to use in managing the field installation work.

Homework assignment: The course includes a self-study homework assignment to be complete prior to the classroom session. The homework assignment consists of the project management fundamentals.

What We cover:

  1. Understanding the project plan
    1. Review the project binder
    2. Review the project submittals
    3. Understand the project schedule
  2. Ensuring site readiness
  3. Understanding of other trades dependencies
    1. Rough-in and prewire
    2. Devices installation
  4. Managing the field team and subcontractors
  5. Controlling the project schedule and resources
  6. Working with other trades and subcontractors
  7. What not to say and do on the jobsite
  8. Watching out for the project scope creep
  9. On-site documentation
  10. Filed directive forms
  11. Demobilization and project closeout


Super Track(s)

Learning Objectives

1. Manage the project field activities and do things right the first time
2. Control and minimize the project scope creep
3. Articulate how to behave on the job site and interact with the project stakeholders