PSA Finance & Accounting Committee: Best Practices to Prepare For Organic Growth and Remove Roadblocks

  • Room: GS 15
Monday,May 16, 2022:1:00 PM -2:00 PM


Douglas Patete
Director of Finance
Preferred Technologies, LLC
James Gallagher
Manager of Integrator Services
The PSA Network
Markus Leghart
SAGE Integration


Accounting is an important business function companies use to gather, record and analyze financial information.  Developing a growth strategy centered on financial information can give business owners and managers reasonable expectations for future operations and to determine where to make improvements in the business.  In this PSA Finance & Accounting Committee session, a panel of industry peers will unpack some best practices needed to make business growth strategy a priority, what types of growth strategies to consider and what is needed to implement within organizations to grow revenue and achieve growth goals.


Super Track(s)

Learning Objectives

1. Align for scale and growth, as well as marketability
2. Set goals for growth and continually measure against the set goals