Financial Fundamentals for Business Leaders of Systems Integrators

  • Room: GS 14
Tuesday,May 17, 2022:2:45 PM -3:45 PM


Brad Malone
Vice President of Consulting | Vice President of Professional Services
Navigate Management Consulting | Solutions360
Joel Harris
Principal Consultant
Navigate Management Consulting


This course is intended for all non-finance business leaders across sales, operations and technical services and focuses on the building blocks of good project accounting practices to roll up to the income statement (P&L) as well as a brief overview of the income statement, its categories and how to read and use it. The workshop and its associated lessons are structured to enable emerging leaders who were not trained in finance to be able to converse in the language of business, which is finance, at the basic level to enable these leaders to understand the financial contribution of their role / function to the overall success of the organization.


Super Track(s)


Lecture with powerpoint slides.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify essential elements of project accounting and how it ties to Cost of Goods on the Income Statement
2. Investigate the essential elements of correctly calculating burden rates
3. Recognize the business value drivers for building a profitable company