Hidden Costs of Maintaining Video Surveillance

  • Room: GS 16
Tuesday,May 17, 2022:9:00 AM -10:00 AM


Todd Robinson
Product Manager - Recorders


When organizations choose to invest in a new video surveillance system, all aspects of managing and operating the security solution must be taken into account by using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model. Every business is unique, and the TCO will vary depending on company size, industry, system requirements and other unforeseen elements. With an increasing number of video surveillance manufacturers now approaching the market from a subscription perspective, it’s more important than ever for integrators to calculate the TCO. During this presentation, session attendees will learn about the hidden costs associated with operating and maintaining video surveillance products over time, and what to consider when evaluating TCO for their customers.


Super Track(s)


The presentation will use slides that will support the message being delivered and refocus the audience on our content. The structure of the presentation will consist of an introduction to the hidden costs of owning video surveillance, then move into factors that affect the total cost of owning a video surveillance system, discuss how integrators can calculate and communicate TCO to their customers and then explore managed video surveillance delivered by integrators and why this should be considered by customers when evaluating TCO.
Audience members will be allotted time to ask questions, giving them space to become involved in the session.
Participants will be provided with handouts so they can remain focused on the presenters instead of note-taking. In addition to handouts, participants will be given a short survey to extend the interaction after the presentation ends.

Learning Objectives

1. Investigate the purpose of TCO, how it can be calculated and used as a product/process comparison tool, and how to communicate this to customers
2. Gain insight on factors that affect TCO such as, reliability, product serviceability, licensing and software maintenance agreements
3. Identify managed services offered by a manufacturer and delivered by an integrator and how it can enhance the reliability of a system through remote monitoring and troubleshooting