How Do We Know if We're Really Making Money?

  • Room: GS 16
Monday,May 16, 2022:1:00 PM -2:00 PM


Isac Tabib
John Palumbo
UTI Global
John Nemerofsky
Chief Operating Officer
SAGE Integration
Michael Ruddo
Chief Strategy Officer
Integrated Security Technologies, Inc.
Tracy Larson


Profitable growth is achieved by identifying and implementing strategies and workflows within your business that involve a mix of tools, people, time, money and specific goals. Growing profitability requires continued focus on all areas of the business. How do you do this while running your business? This session highlights key factors systems integrators need to concentrate on and why, in order to grow in a shifting business climate. Our panel brings a wealth of experience to share from sales estimating disciplines, to engineering capabilities, operational efficiencies, compensation and motivation, the right mix of products and services and how to tie it all together to achieve profitable growth.


Super Track(s)


Panel Discussion will follow a typical workflow process in the business to highlight key areas where profit can be gained or lost, and how to improve running and managing your systems integration business.

5 Min: Introduction of Session and Panel by Moderator

15 Min: The Impact of Sales
- Workflow and technology
- Sales estimating discipline
- Definition of costs & estimated profitability
- The real impact of labor
- Project Scope reviews
- The right mix of RMR and Managed Services

15 Min: Operational Efficiencies
- Engineering capabilities
- Purchasing strategies
- Project Management excellence
- Operational compensation and motivation
- Quality control
- Project close out process to measure results

15 Min: Understanding the Relationship Between Profitability and Growth
- Key Metrics: Sales, Operations, Personnel, Company
- Funding growth
- Continuous strategy and alignment

10 Min Questions and Answers with Audience

60 Min