How to Utilize the PASS Safety and Security Guidelines with Your K12 Clients

  • Room: GS 17
Monday,May 16, 2022:2:15 PM -3:15 PM


Chuck Wilson
Executive Director-Board Secretary
National Systems Contractors AssociationPartner Alliance for Safer Schools
Kevin Wren
Regional Sales Manager
A3 Communications
Paul Timm
Vice President - Facility Engineering Associates


This is a panel discussion with perspectives from a security consultant and a former K12 security director who have utilized the PASS guidelines and checklist tools. Learn how they utilized these resources in their work and environments to: support risk assessment and development of security plans, develop grant proposals, establish safety/security standards, avoid pitfalls in today’s school safety. There is no single action that will, by itself, make our schools safe. Protecting students and staff is a tremendous moral and legal responsibility that requires a comprehensive approach to these challenges. Security management is a core responsibility of school administrators who face daily pressure to ensure that students and staff are protected often without significant security expertise or full-time safety/security staff. They need a roadmap and guidance from a team of experts. In this session, attendees will discover how to become a trusted advisor.


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After a brief review of PASS, this will be an interactive session with panelists sharing their experiences in working with K 12 clients to help them enhance their safety and security utilizing the PASS Guidelines and Checklist tools. What do schools want in their team members? How do you become part of the team? Do's and don'ts. Schools challenges and how you can help them through it.

Open discussion and questions are welcome.

Learning Objectives

1. Examine how the PASS tools are utilized by school officials and solutions providers to provide a common starting point for objective analysis and prioritization of safety and security needs
2. Identify how the guidelines and checklist tools provide the flexibility to build a unique, appropriate and effective plan for enhancing school safety and security
3. Recognize how to become a trusted advisor of the school safety team