Identifying and Managing Security Risk from Unauthorized UAS (Drones)

  • Room: Virtual
Thursday,May 26, 2022:1:00 PM -2:00 PM


nancy ford
CEO, Ford Industries Inc. dba Security101


As UAS operations in the national airspace continue to grow and UAS technology continues to mature, full integration into the aviation ecosystem highlights the need for the security industry and government to work together to develop standards around Counter-UAS technology. Nancy is the Chair of a special committee that was established (SC-238) supporting the DOD, DHS, and FAA to focus on this very thing. The committee is developing a consensus standard that details the detection and mitigation technology for C-UAS. In this presentation, you will learn about how the evolution of drones will soon create a major shift in how we address physical security strategies in the future. Nancy will present techniques for how to assess the risks of UAS at airports, critical infrastructure and public venues such as stadiums. She will review a wide range of technology platform options for drone detection and identification as well as response protocols if a threat presents itself. Understanding the threat and technology of drones is going to become a requirement for physical security integration companies in the future, so get started learning now! Lastly, Nancy will share glimpses into the counter drone (C-UAS) initiatives underway.


Super Track(s)


Presentation using video and slide show data.

Learning Objectives

1. Investigate the threat/risk to physical security resulting from unauthorized drones
2. Recognize what drones can do and the impact
3. Identify how to effectively integrate Counter UAS technology into your physical security framework for emergency response protocols