How To Mitigate Vehicle Strikes with Crash-Rated Barriers

  • Room: Virtual
Wednesday,May 25, 2022:10:00 AM -11:00 AM


Brad Richards
Specification Sales Engineer


This course trains integrators on the key crash rating standards and available crash-rated operators that can mitigate accidental or hostile vehicle strikes to prevent injury and protect critical assets. We will explore crash-rated operator types including wedges, barrier arms, bollards, crash gates and the best perimeter security applications for each.


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Learning Objectives

1. Discover the importance of crash-rated operators and how they can be utilized to mitigate injury or death as a result of hostile vehicle strikes
2. Identify each crash rating standard and the components of how each is measured in relation to stopping a moving vehicle
3. Gain the knowledge necessary to successfully select the proper crash-rated barrier to protect different sites from accidental or hostile vehicle strikes