PSA Leadership Committee: How to Lead Through Challenging Times

  • Room: GS 17
Thursday,May 19, 2022:8:00 AM -9:00 AM


James Gallagher
Manager of Integrator Services
The PSA Network
Jim DeStefano
Senior Vice President
Unlimited Technology
Mike Kobelin
VP, Western Region
Tech Systems, Inc.
Shaun Castillo
Preferred Technologies, LLC


Many leaders today are asking how to support their team members in these hard times.  Leaders must consider how they sustain both people and performance moving forward.  Your success as a leader will depend on your resilience, empathy, transparency, connectedness and balance.  A leader should be able to assess issues and make decisions without falling into a pessimistic mindset.  In this PSA Leadership Committee session, a panel of industry peers will share some tips and best practices on how to foster a sense of optimism, which can help leaders maintain a healthy mindset in these challenging times.


Super Track(s)

Learning Objectives

1. Identify issues impacting your business and the current potential impact to your stakeholders
2. Determine the importance of embracing change
3. Discuss how to become effective in an ambiguous environment