Leveraging Video Managed Services to Create RMR and Build Lasting Success

  • Room: GS 15
Wednesday,May 18, 2022:9:15 AM -10:15 AM


Bill Bozeman
Former CEO of PSA | Board Member for Netwatch
Nicola Oakie
Vice President of Sales, Proactive Video Monitoring
Netwatch North America


Economic downturns and other unforeseen circumstances [such as a global pandemic] all pose threats to the success of your business. How can you reduce the risks presented by these factors? This presentation will provide owners and sales teams an in-depth review of why RMR is a powerful force to counterbalance the threats that slow or reverse business growth. This review will focus on teaching the value of RMR along with the multiples that can be achieved and how that correlates with a video managed-services model. We will show how proposals for video solutions can be structured to provide real protection and valuable tools for clients while delivering recurring monthly revenue to grow business value and improve profitability. Making a mindshift to video as a service by selling a value-add approach rather than a “one and done” approach can improve market penetration and help build ongoing relationships. Join us and learn why this is the best way for integrators to build sustainable success – both within and beyond the relationships that they already have.


Super Track(s)


Presentation will be a mix of PPT and case-study examples.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify factors including differentiators, commissions strategies, focused selling champions on a RMR strategy, valuation
2. Examine why RMR should be a focus and not just integrator large projects and true value creation
3. Recognize the differentiator for sales teams to market