Life After LTE - Developing Your Strategy for the Future

  • Room: GS 12
Tuesday,May 17, 2022:9:00 AM -10:00 AM


Kirk MacDowell
Founder & CEO
MacGuard Security Advisors


In working with dealer/integrator clients over the past few years, there has been laser focus on cell upgrades, getting through the pandemic, hiring and retention of key employees, to name a few. However, many integrators have been so totally focused on getting through the LTE push and the pandemic that they have lost sight of “what’s next”? It is time for dealers and integrators to be proactive and set their own course. This presentation will address what great companies are doing to take control of their destiny, plan for their future and outmaneuver their competition.


Super Track(s)


There will be a lot of attendee participation during a strategy game called MacGuard Turbulence Factor which will identify key obstacles within their companies and how to overcome them.

Learning Objectives

1. Analyze the current residential and commercial market and review what great companies are doing to stay relevant, compete and succeed in an ever-changing market
2. Examine ways to develop a strategic plan for your team and business looking at real world SWOT analysis
3. Improve your relationship with your customers, reduce attrition and out maneuver competition