Monetizing the Convergence of Physical Security and Cybersecurity

  • Room: GS 17
Tuesday,May 17, 2022:8:00 AM -8:50 AM


Shanna Utgard
Senior Cybersecurity Advocate


Systems integrators secure offices, educational facilities, healthcare organizations, manufacturing plants, government buildings, even utilities providers. So why stop short of securing networks and data? Commoditization, shrinking budgets, remote work, supply chain issues--all have the potential to affect bottom-line revenues. Meanwhile, the market and budgets for cyber services is growing, and you have a relationship as a trusted risk advisor to your clients. Yet you are likely still hesitant to take advantage of this golden opportunity. This session focuses on the practical aspects of preparing your organization for selling cybersecurity: what does a cybersecurity offering look like? Which industries are the best fit for a digital security? How do I approach my clients with the new offering? Who is liable if something happens? Join us for this interactive session where we'll dissect your common concerns and objections and provide an actionable strategy on how to increase bottom-line revenues and position your organization for future success.


Super Track(s)


This will be an "elephant in the room" conversation - every year you say you want to do this, but don't, and these are the common reasons why. We'll break down a tactical strategy to price, package and sell cyber services, including some objection handling Q&A and roleplay.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify opportunities within your existing customer base
2. Determine how to demonstrate risk to clients
3. Roleplay- overcoming common objections