PoE Lighting and Automation Bootcamp

  • Room: Virtual
Thursday,May 26, 2022:1:00 PM -3:00 PM


Joe Herbst
POE Texas
Tyler Andrews
POE Texas


Top subject-matter experts in designing, project managing, deploying and commissioning PoE Lighting and Automation perform hands on demonstrations on how to plan and deploy a PoE lighting and automation system from drawing mark ups to turn over documentation. This masterclass will cover practical skills, lessons learned and best practices for deploying a PoE lighting system from sizing the network gear to installing light fixtures to ensuring a successful hand over to building owners and developers.


Super Track(s)


The training session divides into two parts: theoretical and practical
Theoretical - 1 hour
A lecture training that takes students from the first steps in a PoE lighting project through to turn over to the customer. It includes vivid examples of actual designs, documentation, and lessons learned over years of implementation by top professions.
Practical - 1 hour
Then the students will go hands on wiring lighting and switches into an actual control system, programming it themselves, demonstrating functionality, and finally creating wall controlers from iPads with alarms.
Students will leave having created their own first designs, wiring and configuring their own system, and seeing the results and potential of the technology.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify the key steps in a PoE lighting project for a systems integrator
2. Gain hands on experience on wiring, configuring, and programming a PoE lighting system
3. Examine how to introduce their companies to an industry growing by 30% year over year