Professional Monitoring Industry in 2022

  • Room: Virtual
Tuesday,May 24, 2022:10:00 AM -11:00 AM


Morgan Hertel
VP of Technology
Rapid Response Monitoring Services


Hear from an industry expert about what drives value in the professional monitoring industry. You may be surprised what you learn. The speaker will translate trends into an easy to understand format that will leave you excited about future opportunities. In this session, we will cover operating economics and dynamics and will include installation, video monitoring, access control, PERS and attrition statistics to consider as we move forward together in a post-pandemic environment. Learn more about how TMA manages industry challenges and the market place. Leave this session with concrete information about industry engagement possibilities as you plan your next steps to taking your business to the next level.


Super Track(s)


Although a slide deck is necessary with the type of data that TMA will be presenting, we will let the numbers speak for themselves and point participants to the bottom line associated with professional monitoring. We are in the position to easily explain the impact of technology trends and provide related information that will help attendees come away with actionable steps and a better understanding of the value of professional monitoring.

We are interested in the audience perspective and will use interactive polls to determine perceptions about professional monitoring and offer ourselves as a sounding board during time for Q&A.

Our preference is to present this session virtually unless our schedule allows us to attend in person.

Learning Objectives

1. Define the current top considerations that drive value in the professional monitoring industry
2. Capture the various statistics that will help attendees see and understand the dynamic data that colors installation, video monitoring, access control, PERS, and attrition
3. Investigate TMA's role in educating industry professionals about technology trends, industry challenges, and business development opportunities