The 5 Pragmatic Steps for Successful Digital Transformation Implementation: Migrating from the Stone Age to the Space Age

  • Room: GS 15
Thursday,May 19, 2022:8:00 AM -9:00 AM


Jayne Boucherle
Matterhorn Consulting, LLC
Paul Boucherle CPP CSC
Matterhorn Consulting LLC


Digital transformation separates the fast, efficient and more profitable system integrators from their competitors. Accurate data, shared in real time, with key actionable stakeholders is parallel processing for business. If time is money, parallel process profits. This session will focus on the 5 essential and pragmatic steps to help enable your team to make that digital transformation migration safer and more economical. A systematic approach to change, which we all understand is the T-Rex in your company that scares everyone, requires field-proven tactical and practical steps for successful implementation. We will share that experience and specific steps with our audience. What is in this for you with a digital transformation strategy? Providing 5 key steps and 3 suggestions for implementing each of them to gain digital transformation process.


Super Track(s)


Introduction, ground rules and audience engagement to identify experiences to expand on. (3 minutes)
Paint the mural of business process mapping of over 25 customers over the last 25 years. (5 minutes)
Share lessons learned from those that were successful and those that failed and why. (5 minutes)

Dissect the 5 pragmatic steps to define them and 3 recommendations for each.
1) Project leadership responsibilities (5 minutes)
2) Choosing how to prioritize manual processes to upgrade (5 minutes)
3) Choosing a department to be the point tip of the spear spear of the initiative (5 minutes)
4) Identifying the right, realistic and practical metrics to measure progress (5 Minutes)
5) Blueprint end user RMR life cycle value of digital transformation (5 Minutes)
and then add 3 recommendations for each step to make it more successful (5minutes)

Engage the audience for peer to peer engagement, questions and "lessons learned" (10-12 minutes)
Summary and suggestions (5 minutes)

Learning Objectives

1. Identify the business outcomes that a digital transformation process can deliver if properly planned and implemented
2. Choose the right team, providing both authority and accountability delivers realistic and timely returns on your investment is the role you as a leader must own