State of Marketing Insider Secrets for 2022: Top Ways the Modern Integrator Can Stay Ahead

  • Room: Virtual
Thursday,May 26, 2022:1:00 PM -2:00 PM


David Morgan
SD Marketing


If only you could really get into your potential customer’s head, marketing would be a lot easier, right? Well, you can by understanding the state of marketing. The world of marketing is dynamic and ever-changing, driven by customer preferences, worldviews, budgets and technologies. For modern integrators to be successful in marketing today, it is not enough to know what marketing techniques or platforms exist. They must understand how to keep a keen eye on and understand the relationships between platforms, trends and statistics which can put you right inside your customer’s head. No business can afford to sit back and assume what works now will work tomorrow. Not only do tactics and platforms change, so does the mood, or the worldview, of your target audience. In this session we will discuss what is changing and why, how it relates to your business and provide a blueprint for the most effective channels you need to stay connected, relevant and profitable.


Super Track(s)

Learning Objectives

1. Uncover the biggest changes within platforms, techniques, and customer mindset impacting marketing today
2. Gain a deeper understanding of how marketing statistics provide valuable insights on how they should modify their marketing
3. Identify the specific strategies that will provide the most value to your unique security industry business