The Importance of Authenticity in Mentorship & Networking – A Journey of Two Professionals

  • Room: GS 16
Tuesday,May 17, 2022:2:45 PM -3:45 PM


Elliott Gabriel
Sales & Design Professional
Preferred Technologies, LLC
Shad McPheters
General Manager, Americas
Northland Controls


The mentor/mentee relationship is one that is built upon trust in authentic growth. Each one of us has our own unique story about how we came to be in the integrated security industry. One of the many challenges that are faced by professionals in all job roles is the ability to find someone who sees the talents and abilities within us that we ourselves do not see – and ultimately someone who can help bring those skills and talents out of us. The power of mentorship is truly unmeasurable, both for the mentee and the mentor. In this session, Shad McPheters and Elliott Gabriel – tenured professionals in the physical security industry – will shine a light on their unique year-long mentorship journey. As part of a pilot program, these two gentlemen began on day one as strangers sans what was available on social media and descriptions through the program. Their story and audience interaction will garner tactics and techniques to growing a more authentic network and mentor relationship.


Super Track(s)


The presentation will start off with interactive questions to engage the audience about their experience as a mentor or mentee. Shad and Elliott will have a prepared powerpoint slide and talking points that will review their story of mentorship together from both perspectives. Based upon the audience interaction, Shad and Elliott welcome questions during the presentation - this has been proven to be successful at TEC2021. If engagement is lower, Shad and Elliott will complete their presentation in full then open the floor for questions in the last 10-15 minutes. The goal is for this to be an interactive conversation and less of a "lecture".

Learning Objectives

1. Distinguish the importance of mentorship within the security industry and the ability to grow both personally and professionally as a result
2. Develop simple strategies for establishing a mentor/mentee relationship and being intentional about the time required to grow this new relationship properly and authentically
3. Recognize how mentorship can affect their lives both personally and professionally