The Value of Audio & Intelligent Communications

  • Room: Virtual
Tuesday,May 24, 2022:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Dan Rothrock
President of the Americas


The Security Industry Association, with stakeholders from the audio and communications sectors and the security industry, has created an Audio and Intelligent Communications Working Group to educate the industry on the importance of audio and communications and provide business insights into the importance of audio for safety and security applications. The group advocates audio as the central hub and its critical importance for control and intelligence within safety and security ecosystems. The working group has several goals, to include: providing researched information on the role of audio communications within a risk, resilience and security program; identifying the stumbling blocks to overcome the adoption of audio & intelligent communications more fully into the security landscape; creating a process for understanding the industry potential of audio and intelligent communications; identifying current integration approaches/scenarios, and future expanded integration approaches to integrating audio as a vital part of mission-critical technologies in security and the enterprise and more. This presentation will discuss those specific goals in detail, while educating the PSA audience about the current and future status of the group’s initiatives.


Super Track(s)


The presentation will be conducted through three speakers, who will leverage their knowledge of audio's critical role in security solutions, in addition to their experience with SIA's Audio and Intelligent Communications Working Group.

Learning Objectives

1. Summarize the role of SIA's Audio and Intelligent Communications Working Group, in addition to why it was formed and its specific goals to educate the security industry and its members
2. Recognize the value that audio and intelligent communications provide to today's and future security solutions
3. Establish how security integrators can speak to the value of audio and intelligent communications to end users to help them to more effectively mitigate security risks