What to Expect When Selling Your Business – Traps for the Unwary

  • Room: GS 12
Wednesday,May 18, 2022:9:15 AM -10:15 AM


Charles Durant
Managing Director
Sandra Jones and Company


Most successful small business owners exit the business through a sale to a third party. This session will provide insights to what buyers are looking for and how they value and evaluate systems integrators. Learn how most deals are structured and how much you could expect to net in the sale of your business. Most sellers are taken aback by the intensity and complexity of the sale process. Those who understand the sale process are equipped with the knowledge of factors that make their businesses more attractive and valuable to buyers. The swelling asset base of private equity firms will continue to shape the M&A and operating landscape for systems integrators. Are you well versed in the changing trends in the M&A environment? Do you have a good grasp of the valuation factors that impact your single most valuable asset – your business? Keep up with the changing M&A environment.


Super Track(s)


I will follow a very successful session last year by giving a presentaion lasting approximately a half an hour to 45 minites and then open the floor to questions and discussion. Last year the questions and discsussion portion lasted a half hour and had to be cut off as we ran out of time, so it spilled into the hallway.

Learning Objectives

1. Discover what buyers look for in acquisition candidates
2. Explore how buyers value and evaluate systems integrators
3. Identify the latest changes in the M&A market for systems integrators