What We've Learned Along the Way...Career Advice from the Girls, for the Girls!

  • Room: GS 14
Thursday,May 19, 2022:8:00 AM -9:00 AM


Janet Fenner
Defined Marketing
Maureen Carlo
Director of Strategic Account Development
Rebecca Bayne
President & Consultant, Security Integration
BCSI - Bayne Consulting & Search, Inc.
Tracy Larson


As women, at various times in our careers, we will all experience hurdles that leave us unsure of who to turn to, what to do next or how to make the best decision. Our all-female panel is here to help! We will offer our shared experiences and advice from the girls, for the girls. Our mission is to help you best navigate challenges you may be confronted with in your career, and in finding your work-life balance. We will share some of our best stories, biggest challenges, greatest successes, toughest decisions and how we made them. We will also share the best advice received along the way from our favorite mentors, and educational and self-improvement resources we've found helpful. We will challenge you to find and to be your best self. So bring your questions, your thoughts and your challenges, and let's work together to grow, change and succeed as women in the security industry.


Super Track(s)


Panel of 4. Discussion topics include: throwing your hat in the ring for a promotion; communication styles & how to be heard; leadership styles; experiences with sexual harassment; self-advocacy; leaving a job; dropping unnecessary baggage; finding your career happy place; and why we do what we do. We will also open the floor for audience questions and additional topics. The discussion will be supported by a Power Point that includes topical information and relevant statistics. We would value the use of a conference app that enables surveys during our session and allows us to share results. Our goal is for our audience to leave feeling energized, empowered, and positive.

Learning Objectives

1. Utilize 3 questions to answer when making important career decisions
2. Identify 2 actions you will take to feel more fulfilled and empowered in your career and your personal life
3. Write down one stretch goal you commit to achieve in the next 90 days