Solve Your Labor Shortage Problem...Without Hiring

  • Room: GS 15
Wednesday,May 18, 2022:2:15 PM -3:15 PM


Randy Stearns


If you’re like many in the industry, your team is maxed out, working long hours and stressed about the looming backlog of projects. Your natural tendency is to seek out and hire new employees to alleviate the burden. But finding qualified and experienced talent is nearly impossible these days. Yet, not supplementing your current team will result in burned out employees, a tarnished reputation due to your inability to complete projects on time and constraints to your growth aspirations. How do we solve this dilemma? This course unlocks that mystery and shares ways to substantially increase project throughput, improve employee morale and create more satisfied customers without succumbing to your inclination to add staff.


Super Track(s)


1. Uncover (from attendees) and describe situations that lead to a need to hire additional staff.
2. Challenge the inclination to add personnel.
3. Discuss how increasing project throughput through the use of streamlined operational processes and productivity and workflow enhancement tools solves the problem in a more cost effective and sustainable manner.
4. Gather examples of how attendees have solved similar throughput challenges through the development of improved processes and tools.
5. Summarize the benefits of the alternative approach to hiring.

Learning Objectives

1. Use backlog reporting to identify future capacity constraints
2. Recognize alternatives to hiring to ease those capacity constraints, and the benefits thereof
3. Uncover how to substantially increase project throughput without hiring while at the same time improving employee morale, creating happier customers, and building a healthier bottom line