RMR By The Numbers

  • Room: GS 17
Thursday,May 19, 2022:9:15 AM -10:15 AM


Brad Dempsey
CEO & Founder
Solutions360 Inc.


Almost everyone is chasing recurring monthly revenue, but there are some caveats that businesses need to understand. Higher volumes of small transactions require efficiency. Deferred revenue can affect your ability to borrow. Funding upfront costs for some solutions can wipe out profits. Compensating sales reps, and encouraging them to sell RMR can be challenging. Measuring profitability may require complex accruals to properly understand the success of RMR programs. All these and more will be covered in this presentation.


Super Track(s)


We will tackle:
RMR pros and cons
Types of RMR services
Deferred revenue - asset and liability
Aligning revenue and expense
Financial models for RMR contracts
Managing capital investments
3rd party pass through costs and dates
Creating a balanced portfolio of RMR
Administration of RMR
Managing transaction costs
RMR compensation

Learning Objectives

1. Identify what factors need to be considered from a financial perspective in setting up an RMR strategy
2. Recognize how we evolve from project based solutions to more RMR solutions
3. Investigate how to maintain profitability as we more towards a higher percentage of RMR