Saving Time and Money with Cloud Managed Video Surveillance

  • Room: Virtual
Tuesday,May 24, 2022:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Joey Joy
Distribution Channel Manager
March Networks


Daily management of video surveillance devices can be challenging for businesses, especially if they’re dealing with a number of surveillance systems with hundreds, or even thousands of security cameras. With cloud-managed video surveillance, organizations are seeing the convenience and intelligence gained from the cloud without forgoing the reliability of a local recorder. This presentation will explore the key benefits of a cloud-managed system such as: customers gaining peace of mind knowing their data is secure with trained professionals handling the health and maintenance of their surveillance infrastructure, avoiding issues like lost video, which can occur because of camera connections, failed hard drives, etc., saving time and resources, leaving business owners to focus on other priorities, reducing potential network vulnerabilities and better diagnosing root causes, delivering integrators with the tools needed to serve customers more efficiently, reducing costly truck rolls, and enabling integrators to easily document and track product warranty status, software versions and other information.


Super Track(s)


The presentation will use slides that can aid in the delivery of our message with plenty of images and other visual aids. The structure of the presentation will consist of an introduction to cloud managed video surveillance and how trained professionals can work to ensure the health of a video system, an exploration of the key benefits of managing video in the cloud, other advantages of this recurring revenue model and how integrators can leverage this tool to monitor their customers’ systems and improve service levels.
Audience members will be encouraged to ask questions and time will be left at the end of the presentation to conduct a Q&A session.
Participants will be provided with handouts so they can remain focused on the presenters instead of note-taking. In addition to handouts, participants will be given a short survey to extend the interaction after the presentation ends.

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize how trained professionals manage video surveillance in the cloud and what they do to improve system health, avoid issues that could impact recording, and ensure data is protected
2. Identify how to resell/leverage a cloud-based tool (and generate new recurring revenue) to easily monitor customers’ systems and provide expert, around-the-clock service and support
3. Gain insight on how organizations can obtain greater visibility into their network health and performance