Keith Miller

Senior Project Manager
Preferred Technologies, LLC


As Senior Project Manager at Pref-Tech, Keith is responsible for the success and failures of the Projects Team. In the Houston office he leads a group with a wide range of experience and competencies, who provide a professional and efficient product to the company’s diverse customer base.

As a Project Manager in his first four years at Pref-Tech, Keith was able to better understand how the position and its activities relate specifically to the security industry. Experience before Pref-Tech includes project management in the commercial construction and oil and gas sectors in Texas. Keith holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

Since being named Sr. Project Manager in 2017, Keith has overseen many complex domestic and international projects. Building and supporting a robust team of leaders who complete projects on time, under budget, without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction is his primary focus.


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