Shad McPheters

General Manager, Americas
Northland Controls


Shad joined Northland Controls in 2011 as General Manager overseeing the Washington DC Office. In 2013 he became Northland Controls’ General Manager for the Americas. Mr. McPheters has been responsible for Project Management, Installation and Procurement as well as work closely with the excellent network of Local Service Providers, who are part of Northalnd Controls' extended team to assist with installations throughout the US, Canada and Latin America.
Shad is a long-time crusader for getting the job done right, continuous improvement, and advancing professionalism within the security industry. Mr. McPheters started his career in security while in college. Shad began as a security guard and progressed to global security director for Verisign. He has worked on security projects in over 20 countries, delivering global physical security programs for Novell, VeriSign, and Securitas’ Global Accounts Group.
Shad served on the PSA Leadership Committee for 3-years and is active in promoting professional advancements in the security industry.


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