Jayne Boucherle

Matterhorn Consulting, LLC


Jayne Boucherle CSC, co-owner of Matterhorn Consulting LLC, is a former high school teacher and former ADT branch office administrative manager, with 39 years of security industry experience. Responsible for client coaching, training content and delivery, with special focus on talent assessment tool management services that includes everything DiSC, HR Chally and Matterhorn’s proprietary library of tools. Jayne co-authored the SIA Employer’s Complete Guide to Hiring as well as three online communication courses available at www.SecurityCEU.com, a PSA partner. Jayne has held leadership roles in various business and volunteer organizations. She was certified at Penn State's Executive Program as a business coach. "I enjoy helping clients become better communicators to enable a healthier, happier, and more stress-free work environment!” Jayne enjoys navigating from the back of their Goldwing GL-1800, spending time with her children (Brian & Lauren), and checking in on her 97 year old Navy Seabee WWII veteran father who lives next door.


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