Paul Boucherle CPP CSC

Matterhorn Consulting LLC


Paul C. Boucherle CPP CSC - A respected thought leader, security business consultant, writer, lecturer, certified executive coach, recovering engineer, enthusiastic middle of the road golfer, good cook, and a very accomplished motorcycle adventurer. 40+ years of diverse security, safety, and system integration business experience. Author of the Business Fitness column (www.securitysales.com/tag/businessfitness) and passionate evaluator of emerging technologies for SSI, SIA, ASIS and end users which he shares annually at https://www.securitysales.com/products/30-top-technology-innovations-2020/ . Paul has uniquely qualified and informed perspectives on our changing security industry. Inducted into the SSI Security Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in 2019. Paul has worked with PSA, their members, and suppliers for over 19 years as a trusted advisor, education advisory member, business consultant, business solutions provider, content contributor, and mentor. Last but not least, Paul is a proud US Marine who served in Vietnam.


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